Netball / National Team Aims for Gold in Malta

Next week, the national team will travel to Malta to participate in the European Netball Tournament, along with newcomer Sweden, Ireland, Great Britain, two teams from Gibraltar and the host squad.

Looking to repeat its first international win against Gibraltar two years ago at a similar tournament in Ireland, the squad has been training for the last six months, and all the players have also been taking part in league matches with their individual clubs.

The tournament honored Israel's request not to play on Shabbat, so Israel will have two matches on Friday and another two on Sunday. This may seem a daunting prospect, but it is not only "doable" but "winnable," says Carol Levin, the national coach. "I know my girls are highly motivated, ready to take on all their challenges at the highest level, and they expect to win and bring home the gold," said Levin. "We are a strong, experienced, aggressive team and we have an excellent opportunity of making Israel proud by putting her firmly on the international netball map."

Assistant coach, Tanya Weil, said, "Some of the teams we are up against are new and we can't judge their performance until we face them on court, but we expect to come first or second in our house and then fight it out in the finals."

Jodi Carreira, the veteran member of the squad, added: "I have played in every international game that Israel Netball has played, and this trip is going to be very special. We have a phenomenal squad with so much experience, talent and energy. Since we introduced the league this year, the constant match play has enabled the level of our netball to soar. We are looking forward to going to Malta and showing the Europeans that there most definitely is netball in Israel."