'Israel Closes Missions in Turkey Due to Hezbollah Threat'

Israeli embassy in Ankara and Israeli consulate in Istanbul temporarily shut down following threats by Hezbollah of plans to avenge the death of Imad Mughniyah.

Israel has temporarily shut down four of its diplomatic missions abroad due to threats from Hezbollah, according to foreign media reports, and the Turkish newspaper Milliyet reported that Israel closed the Israeli embassy in Ankara and the Israeli consulate in Istanbul.

The Turkish newspaper reported that Israel temporarily closed the consulate in Istanbul and the embassy in Ankara due to security needs following threats by Hezbollah.

Israeli embassies around the world were on heightened alert after Hezbollah has threatened Israel that it will avenge the murder of Imad Mughniyah on the third anniversary of his death.

On Tuesday, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said that many Israeli embassies have received several suspected terror threats.

Imad Mughniyah was killed when his car exploded in 2008 and Hezbollah blames Israel for his assassination, despite Israel's denial of any involvement.The threat is believed to be directed at embassies in Africa, Southeast Asia and Caucasus.

The Israel Counter Terrorism Bureau issued a warning Friday morning to Israeli travelers in anticipation of threats resulting from the anniversary of the assassination.

The bureau cautioned the Israeli public that because of the increased threat of terror attacks against Israelis abroad, travels certain destinations should be avoided, including Egypt, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Côte d'Ivoire, Mauritania and Venezuela.

Israelis were also being discouraged from traveling in the near future to hotspots in which there is a high concentration of Israelis, and strongly advised adhering to security guidelines from local authorities.

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