4 Members of Silwan Terror Cell Convicted on 35 Counts of Murder

Moshe Reinfeld
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The Jerusalem District Court yesterday convicted four members of the Silwan terror cell, responsible for eight major terror attacks, on 35 counts of murder. All four admitted to all the charges on the indictment. Sentencing was set for mid-December, after the end of Ramadan.

Among the attacks for which the cell was responsible was the bombing of the Hebrew University cafeteria in July, in which nine people were killed and 84 were wounded.

The prosecution is demanding that the four cell members, Wa'al Kassam, 31, of Ras el Amud, Wissam Abassi, 25, of Silwan, Aladin Abassi, 30, of Silwan and Mohammed Odeh, 29, of Silwan, be sentenced to consecutive life terms. The other attacks for which the four were convicted include:

ks from the prime minister's residence. The March 9 attack killed 11 and wounded 58. The cell's members chose the location, and provided the logistics for the suicide bomber.

originally attributed to a Hamas cell from Gaza, killed 15 people and wounded 45. One of the members of the cell, Wissam Abassi, worked in Rishon Lezion as a glazier and knew the club was unguarded and packed with people in the evenings.

l planned to set off a bomb hidden on a fuel truck, and thereby ignite the vast fuel reserves at the site next to what is widely considered the busiest highway junction in the country. The bomb failed to ignite the truck.

error attempt, in which the cell sought to derail a passenger train. Four people were wounded in the attack, though the train was not seriously damaged nor derailed.