IDF Soldier Shoots Camel Belonging to Bedouin

Shooting occurs after dispute between three IDF soldiers from the Nahal Haredi battalion and a Bedouin in the northern Jordan Valley.

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A soldier from the ultra-Orthodox Nahal Haredi battalion of the IDF shot and killed a camel belonging to a Bedouin in the northern Jordan Valley on Friday.


According to first reports, the shooting of the camel occurred after a dispute broke out between three IDF soldiers and the camel's owner.


The soldiers left their base without authorization and entered the al-Malih Bedouin encampment. There they struck up a conversation with the owner of the camel. At a certain point, the conversation became confrontational and the soldiers got angry. As they left, one of the soldiers shot the camel.


The camel's owner filed a complaint with the Civil Administration. The soldiers' commanders were informed and the matter has been passed on to the military's criminal investigation division.


The battalion called the shooting a grave incident. The head of the Civil Administration Yoav Mordechai said that the matter would be dealt with harshly.