Settler Leader Drives Into Two Palestinian Kids as They Hurl Rocks

David Be'eri, known right-wing activist and director of City of David, says he accidentally hit the children with his car after they hurled rocks at his vehicle.

David Be'eri, head of a known settler group, hit two Palestinian children with his car on Friday, after they hurled rocks at his vehicle in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan.

Settler hits Palestinians - AFP - Oct 8, 2010

The children were evacuated to Moqassed Hospital in East Jerusalem. One child is lightly hurt while the other sustained injuries to his chest and his lower body and is currently in moderate condition.

Be'eri is a well-known right-wing activist and is the director of Elad, a nonprofit organization that runs the City of David in East Jerusalem and also works to settle Jews in the area.

According to Be'eri, he was in his car with his son as the Palestinian children hurled rocks at them, and out of fear for his and his son's lives, he tried to escape them in any way he could which made him accidently hit the children.

Click here to watch a YouTube video of the incident.

Settler hits Palestinian - AFP - Oct 8, 2010