Supreme Court Judge Hanan Melcer Finds Noose Near His Home

Justice has largely been absent from criminal cases, but sat on panel in contentious Immanuel school segregation ruling.

Supreme Court Justice Hanan Melcer submitted a complaint to the courts security unit after finding a noose near his Ramat Aviv apartment yesterday morning.

Melcer has served in the Supreme Court since 2007, after a 30-year career that included a specialization in administrative law. As a justice, he hears relatively few criminal cases and has not presided over any memorable cases involving organized crime. Most of his cases involve administrative and civil law.

Mercer did, however, hear the highly contentious case involving school segregation in the settlement of Immanuel. And in one of his criminal cases he ruled that someone involved in trafficking women for prostitution who demands sex from his victims, who are unable to resist, is guilty of rape.

Several judges and attorneys have been the targets of intimidation recently. Last month a threatening letter was found under the car of the wife of Central District Prosecutor Nissim Marom, who was involved in the extradition of Meir and Yitzhak Abergil to the United States. The Israel Police international crimes unit is investigating the case.

Last summer, Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy was assigned bodyguards after receiving personal threats related to his involvement in the Immanuel school segregation case. The religiously observant Levy was attacked in the ultra-Orthodox media for his unequivocal stance against the segregation of Ashkenazi and Mizrahi students at a Haredi girls' school.

In January, Haaretz revealed that Tel Aviv District Court Judge Uri Shoham was considered the most-threatened judge in the country. He was assigned with 24-hour security after convicting several leaders of a Jaffa crime syndicate and sentencing them to long prison terms. One of the convicted men threatened him in the courtroom, shouting that the judge will hear from them when the time comes. Police rushed to surround the judge's home with cameras and installed a guard's booth at the entrance to the building. Following police and courts security reviews of the level of threats against Shoham, the security arrangements have since been scaled down.