Mobster Slain Outside Rishon Letzion Courthouse

Known underworld figure Rami Amira had survived several assassination attempts, including one that killed bystander Margarita Lautin.

Unknown assailants shot to death underworld figure Rami Amira outside a Rishon Letzion courtroom on Wednesday.

Amira arrived at the courthouse riding a motorcycle, where his assassins waited for him in ambush, an preliminary investigation revealed. He was shot many times all over his body and collapsed on the spot. Emergency aid workers arrived on the scene and attempted to revive him, but were unsuccessful.

Moti Kimche

Amira, considered to be one of the top figures in the Israeli underworld, had been a target of several previous failed assassination attempts. In one of those attempts, a bystander, Margarita Lautin, was shot and killed while she relaxed on a Bat Yam beach with her family.

Lautin was an innocent victim of internal rivalries in the organized crime family of Yitzhak Abergil, killed accidentally in front of her husband Alex and two children. Lautin, a 31-year-old resident of Yehud, died from gunshot wounds.

A hit man from the Abergil crime family was sent to whack Rami Amira, who was planning to leave the Abergils and set up on his own. Amira was sitting on the beach beside Motti Hasin, Abergil's assistant, and the bullet intended for him accidentally hit Margarita Lautin.

A Tel Aviv court sentences Ronen Ben Adi to life imprisonment for Lautin's murder in May 2010, and sentenced Shimon Sabah to prison for seven years for aiding and abetting Ben Adi.