Children's Book Author: Gilad Shalit Stole My Story

Shelly Elkayam sues Shalit family for plagiarism, says she deserves royalties just as Gilad deserves to be released.

Israeli author Shelly Elkayam on Wednesday said she is suing the family of abducted Israel Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit for plagiarism over a book he wrote when he was 11-years-old, published after his abduction, Army Radio reported.

Elkayam told Army Radio that the Shalit family was holding her story "hostage."

"The story that Gilad Shalit wrote in a book called 'When the Shark and the Fish First Met,' was written by me," Elkayam said.

Elkayam, who published the book "When the Snake and the Mouse First Met," told Army Radio that Gilad Shalit copied her story when writing his book, which was then published after his abduction by Hamas in 2006.

She claimed that "aside from superficial changes, my book was entirely copied."

"I have been a literary hostage of the Shalit family for four years," Elkayam said, adding that "they continue to steal my book rights, which was a best-seller from the time it was published up until they published Gilad's book."

According to the Shalit Family, Gilad wrote the book when he was 11 years old as part of a school project. Gilad's book was inspired by Elkayam's book, and shared the main idea and the moral of the story with Elkayam's story; however, they said the characters in the story and the ending were different, and they gave her credit in the book for writing the work that inspired his book.

"I am a mother as well, and I too need to make a living," Elkayam told Army Radio. "I have nothing against anyone, and I want Gilad to return home safe and sound, but how long can I hold this in?"

"Just as Gilad deserves to be released, I deserve royalties," she added.

GIlad Shalit book cover. When the Fish and the shark first met. Shelly Elkayam