Life Imprisonment for Murderer of Young Tair Rada

Roman Zadorov found guilty by unanimous judicial decision of murdering the Golan teenager. Zadorov's defense lawyer claims the state chose an easy target and framed him.

Roman Zadorov is guilty in the murder of the young girl Tair Rada, a panel of three Nazareth district court judges determined on Tuesday. The court decided that "there is a web of evidence here that is credible and comprehensive."

"Standing before us is the murderer of Tair Rada," the judges said. Zadorov was sentenced to life imprisonment plus two years for obstruction of justice.

Dror Artzi

The prosecutor said after judgment was pronounced that "the court spoke loud and clear, this will put an end to the rumor mill and doubts that have been heard in the media, to pander to the public."

"We did not wage a media war, but a legal war. If any doubts arise, we will refute them, should they arise. We saw here a decisive judgment," the prosecutor added.

Judge Yitzhak Cohen also criticized the way in which the media reported on the trial. "Over the course of the case, they crossed every boundary," he wrote in the court's decision.

"They published reports that were consistently disparaging. Not all media outlets sinner, but it was more than a few. The media must do its job fearlessly, but preserving the truth," Cohen said.


Rada, an eighth grade student, was murdered on December 6, 2060 at Nofei Golan school in Katzrin. Her body was found in a locked bathroom stall close to 7 p.m. after hours of searching. Her neck was slashed and her body had stabbing wounds.

Four days after the murder 32-year-old Katzrin resident Roman Zadorov was taken for questioning. At that time Zadorov worked at the school, tiling the school basements. Two days later he was arrested.

During a week in custody, he admitted to an informant who was his cellmate that he was in fact the murderer. On December 19, 2006, he confessed to the crime and reenacted it.

One day later he recanted his confession. On Tuesday, judges in his case discounted the assertion that the reenactment was inadmissible.

"The state chose an easy target and framed him"

Zadorov's lawyer Galil Speigel said at the end of proceedings, "None of this is over, we've only just begun to fight. We will take this all the way to the Supreme Court."

"I am no less sure of myself than the judges. The state chose an easy target and framed him. There are many contradictions and illogic in the judgment," Speigel continued.

Zadorov's wife Olga said that her husband "is in jail for no reason. He didn't do anything. I'm not giving up, we'll go all the way to prove his innocence."

Rada's parents, Ilana and Shmuel, who were present at all court proceedings, broke out in tears when the judgment was read out. During the course of the trial, the girl's mother raised doubts about Zadorov's guilt while Shmuel Rada said he was convinced that the accused was guilty.

But Ilana Rada's brother Uri Massas, the victim's uncle, said on Tuesday, "Today we have faith that the murderer is under lock and key. There were doubts, but today's court decision was unequivocal."