Palestinian Authority Arrests 2 in Connection With West Bank Shooting Attack

Two West Bank Hamas operatives arrested for September 1st attack in which two Israelis were wounded at Rimonim Junction.

Palestinian Authority Security officials said Tuesday night that they had arrested two Hamas operatives in connection with the recent West Bank shooting attack that wounded two Israelis.

The September 1st attack occurred at the Rimonim Junction, near the Israeli settlement of Kochav Hashachar and east of the West Bank city of Ramallah. Two Israelis were wounded, one of them seriously, when Palestinian gunmen ambushed their car.

Emil Salman

Four Israelis were killed in a separate shooting attack the night before, when they were fired upon while driving in a car on Route 60 in the West Bank. The four victims were residents of the Beit Hagai settlement in the West Bank.

The two Palestinians arrested are from a small village near the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Last week, Palestinian Authority security forces detained two men suspected of involvement in the attack which killed four Israelis. The vehicle from which the attack was carried out was located, and the evidence had apparently led the authorities to the suspects apprehended.

The suspects are two Hamas-affiliated residents of Hebron. It remains unclear if all of the persons belonging to the terror cell which carried out the attack have been identified by the Palestinian Authority. The PA has refused to give out official details on arrests made in connection with the fatal attack.

The PA has made clear that they have no intention of handing over to Israel anyone arrested in connection with the attacks. The Israel Defense Forces has not responded to the reports of arrests made or suspects detained.

The spate of shootings coincided with the launch of U.S.-backed direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians in Washington. The Islamist Palestinian faction Hamas have come out vocally against the talks, claiming responsibility for the shooting attacks and warning of further attacks.