Braverman to Haaretz: Lieberman Harmed Israel's Relations With Its Arab Citizens

Labor's Minority Affairs minister, who resigned from the government on Monday, says present goal is to 'topple the regime of Netanyahu, Lieberman, Barak.'

Minority Affairs Minister Avishai Braverman, who announced his resignation from the government on Monday, told Haaretz that Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman harmed Israel's sensitive relationship with its Arab citizens.

"I told the prime minister that he has let the laws of Lieberman and his entourage run wild, which has harmed the sensitive relations between Jews and Arabs in Israel, as well as caused the gridlock in the peace process," he said.

Braverman expressed faith that his various plans and projects will continue, but said that the "real struggle now is to progress steps toward a liberal society and to topple the regime of Netanyahu, Lieberman, and Barak."

Braverman was initially one of the opponents to Labor's entry into Netanyahu's government, however after joining, he eventually defended the step claiming the prime minister must be given a chance.

Avishay Braverman 30/08/10 David Bachar
David Bachar

"Six months ago, I understood that it isn't working and I told Barak to stop being Netanyahu and Lieberman's mediator, and that he must pose an ultimatum by December, but he chose the way of survival," Braverman said.

He also spoke of the future of the Labor Party, saying the present goal is to revive what is left of the faction.

"Many people have already announced their return to the party since Barak is no longer there, and I believe that with the remaining members we will restore the Labor Party and embark on a new road with the Labor movement which is a left-wing centrist faction, and not Kadima which is a sort of supermarket."