Mother, Grandfather Indicted for Murder of 4-year-old Rose Pizem

Rose buried in France; Indictment sealed, but 'smoking gun' apparently links both suspects to murder.

A Tel Aviv Court on Tuesday issued murder indictments against Ronny Ron and Marie-Charlotte Renault for their role in the death of Renault's daughter Rose, 4, who was pulled from the Yarkon River earlier this month.

Rose was laid to rest in France on Monday.

Though the exact specifics of the indictment are not yet known, a 'smoking gun' has reportedly been found that links both of the defendants to the girl's murder.

The disappearance of Rose became front-page news last month when police revealed that Ron and Charlotte-Renault from Netanya were suspected of murdering Rose because they did not want to raise her.

Rose was born in Paris in 2004 to Renault, a French Jew with relatives in Israel, and Benjamin Pizem, the child of a French mother and an Israeli father. At the age of one year, Rose made her first visit to Israel. That was the first significant encounter Benjamin had ever had with his father, Ron, and the first time Marie had ever met him.

The three spent several months in Israel. At the end, Marie told Benjamin that she would not return to France with him because she had fallen in love with Ron. The couple, who never married, had two children together, and eventually received custody of Rose as well after a lengthy court battle.

Police recently reviewed a conversation between Renault and Ron when they were first arrested. According to a police source, Ron is heard briefing his lover on what to say during her interrogation and instructing her to tell the police that they had planned to send Rose to a local religious institute, and not to a boarding school in France, as she had previously claimed. Police say the conversation proves that Renault lied to her interrogators about her involvement in the murder.