Early Sign-up Begins for Hebrew .Il Names

Early registration has begun for Hebrew-script domain names ending in .il, the Israel Internet Association announced yesterday.

Plus, once the necessary approvals go through in the next few months, Israeli websites will get a Hebrew-script alternative to the .il country code, the group said. After that happens, any web address registered with a .il suffix will work automatically with the Hebrew-script alternative, too.

Hebrew-script domain names have been available for some time now, but only with the .com suffix.

Early registration will be open to entities such as registered businesses and nonprofit organizations, and will last three months. Then, registration will be open to the public at large.

Hebrew-script names registered in Israel will bear the same fees as regular Latin-script names ending in .il - NIS 70 to NIS 90 a year.

Currently, all potential domain names are open, said the Israel Internet Association.