MK Daniel Ben Simon Resigns From Labor to Form One-man Party

After failing to pull Labor out of the government coalition, Ben Simon has decided to resign from the faction.

Knesset member Daniel Ben Simon announced Tuesday that he will be resigning from the Labor faction, with the intention of establishing a one-man party.

Recently, Ben Simon has been pressuring his party without success to pull out of the government coalition. He has therefore decided to resign after reaching an agreement with the Labor party.

Ben Simon's resignation is no surprise; as of late the Labor party has been encouraging Ben Simon to leave the party.

According to him, Labor chairman Defense Minister Ehud Barak offered him an independent faction in the Knesset in exchange for his resignation. Ben Simon accepted the offer and began taking signatures from faction members for his resignation document.

Tess Scheflan

A week ago, Barak attacked Ben Simon and other Labor MKs for voting against the stance of the party regarding the state budget, as well as opposing Labor's place in the coalition.

Ben Simon was previously appointed as head of the Labor faction in the Knesset plenum, but in October 2009 he resigned from his position saying that Labor had failed in its duty to bring about peace.