Netanyahu Reveals His Pay Slip on Facebook: NIS 43,952 a Month

Prime Minister's office posts comment on official Facebook page saying Netanayhu decided on 'full transparency' regarding his salary due to requests.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes a gross income of NIS 43,952.29 per month, a pay slip posted on Facebook by the Prime Minister's office revealed on Monday.

After taxes, health insurance and social security payments, as well as a
11,590 NIS monthly deduction for his armored car, the pay slip revealed that Netanyahu earned a net income of NIS 15,027.43.

Daniel Bar-On

The explanation posted on Netanyahu's official Facebook page said that "due to web surfer's requests, Netanyahu decided to reveal his monthly pay slip as is, in full transparency."

According to the PM's office, "the only things blurred on the pay slip were personal details: ID number, bank account details, insurance company details, capital funds, income tax and national insurance file numbers."

According to Channel 2 news, United States President Barack Obama earned a total of $400,000 a year, as opposed to Netanyahu, who earned approximately $120,000 a year.

The online disclosure came as top Israeli officials and lawmakers are pushing for a pay rise.

Media commentators described it as a public relations stunt, but still joked how they were caught off guard by Netanyahu's low pay grade compared to other world leaders.

A ranking of leaders' pay by The Economist last July put Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at number one, with a basic annual salary of $2.18 million.