Auschwitz Sign Thieves Fail to Show Up for Prison Terms

3 men sentencd in March for terms from 18 to 30 months for their roles in theft of Nazi death camp sign.

Three Polish men found guilty last month of stealing the sign from the gate of the former Nazi death camp, Auschwitz, failed to show up to prison this week to begin their sentences.

Rafal Lisak, a judge at a Krakow court that convicted the men, said the three were due to show up at a prison in Wloclawek on Tuesday but did not appear.

The three men were given sentences in March ranging from 18 to 30 months for their roles in the theft of the Nazi death camp sign, which reads "Arbeit Macht Frei", German for "Work Sets You Free."

It is normal procedure for people with sentences shorter than three years to be released from custody before their prison term, Lisak said, adding that police would try to track them down and arrest them.

The sign was stolen in December.