Report: Gaza-bound Aid Ship Departs Algeria

Algerian-sponsored aid ship sets sail for Gaza with religious leaders and political officials on board, Channel 10 reports.

An aid ship bound for the Gaza Strip departed Algeria on Thursday, Channel 10 reported.

According to the Palestinian news agency "Palestine Today", the ship, sponsored by the Algerian government, departed with religious leaders and political officials on board along with supplies of food, medicine, and educational materials.

The ship was organized by religious leaders and businessmen to "express solidarity with the Palestinian people", the report said.

In July, a Libyan-sponsored aid ship attempted to reach Gaza but diverted to the Egyptian port of El Arish, where its cargo was unloaded and delivered to Gaza by land.

In May, the Israeli Defense Forces forcibly intercepted a flotilla of Gaza-bound aid ships. On one of the ships, violent clashes broke out and nine Turkish activists were killed.

Libyan aid ship