Madonna in Tel Aviv: Mistress of Pop Proves Some Things Do Improve With Age

The first of Madonna's two concerts was not a musical experience: It was a whole body experience that made it impossible to stay still.

Anyone who believed that at the age of 51, Madonna should hang up her bondage gear and go gently into the good night of middle-of-the-road muzak would definitely think otherwise, had they been at her heart-stopping virtuoso performance in Tel Aviv on Tuesday night.

Madonna's first of two concerts in Yarkon Park was not a musical experience: It was a whole body experience during which it was impossible to stay still.

There were no unwelcome surprises for the 60,000-strong crowd. Her Madgesty wore her trademark provocative leather gear, made out with her male dancer - and then a female dancer - flaunted her moves with a stripper's pole and drove a convertible across the stage. She looked and acted like a 17-year-old girl, an achievement, especially for a woman in her fabulous fifties performing in the relentless Tel Aviv summer heat.

With a back catalogue as extensive as Madonna's, it is impossible to imagine that all the favorites would get an airing, but somehow she managed it. Bringing a new spin to hits such as Like a Prayer and Ray of Light, she mixed the harmonies of her earlier work with classic dance tracks, creating a new-old vibe that slotted brilliantly among her newer, funkier tunes.

By the sadly abrupt end, and its much missed encore, most audience members had a smile on their faces. And, of course, wanted more. It would come as no surprise if the crowd at the fence keeping the freeloaders away from the ticket holders were to double Wednesday night, as fans return for a second helping.

In Madonna's own words, she has kept away from Israel for far too long. Long live the Queen.