Netanyahu: Terror Groups Are Trying to Thwart Mideast Peace

PM's comments to Egypt's Mubarak, Jordan's Abdullah come after rockets land in Eilat, Aqaba, killing one Jordanian citizen.

Rockets fired at both Israel and Jordan on Monday and which killed one Jordanian citizen were fired by terror groups aiming to thwart attempts at reaching peace in the Middle East, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday.

Benjamin Netanyahu, AP, July 25, 2010.

Jordanian and Israeli police said that rockets from Egypt's Sinai, where Islamist militants have operated in the past, hit Israel's and Jordan's Red Sea port resorts, killing a Jordanian civilian and injuring three others.

Speaking to both Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Jordan's King Abdullah II in the wake of the rocket attack, Netanyahu said that the "criminal attack on innocent civilians in both Israel and Jordan was instigated by terror groups who want to sabotage the peace process."

"All of the region's nations that aspire to peace must fight against these forces in order to distance peace and bring peace closer," the PM added.

Jordanian Minister of State Ali al-Ayed said the kingdom would continue its "fight against terrorists who undertake callous attacks that targets innocent people".

President Shimon Peres condemned the rocket fire and said Israel and Jordan, who made peace in 1994, were "partners in the uncompromising struggle to eradicate terrorism".

"There is a real struggle in the Middle East between the peace camp of moderate countries and the camp of extremists, who want to sabotage any chance for peace," Peres said.