Palestinians Don't Exist and Never Will'

Orly Halpern
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Dr. Pinchas Fuchs works in the accounting office of Alon Moreh, the yishuv (settlement) where he lives. He was raised in Newark, New Jersey, in a conservative Jewish family, became religious in eighth grade. He immigrated 26 years ago and in 1976 moved to Alon Moreh.

Olive Picking: "It has to do with law and order, and who belongs to what, and what belongs to whom. There are people who don't give a damn about what helps the Jewish people."

The Land: "I have a feeling of belonging here. Everything here is mine."

Soldiers: "What are the soldiers doing? They are protecting the Arabs from us picking their olives? The question is - who are they guarding from whom? The soldiers are supposed to be guardian of the citizens of Israel. I don't want them to pick olives at any time, even if it means their livelihood. I'm scared."

Palestinians: "The poor little slobs want the same thing I do - to live their lives. But, then they're indoctrinated to believe this stuff about Jihad and blowing Jews up. There's no such thing as a Palestinian, nor a Palestinian state. And, there never will be."

Anglo settlers: "You'll find an exorbitant number of Americans in the settlements. The feeling of belonging and being part of something carried them from abroad to Israel. And, from Israel in the city, to the challenge of the settlements."

The murder of an olive farmer: "A stupid Arab went to close to the fence at three in the morning and a settler shot him. [Hani Beni Manieh]. Afterward, they said he was picking olives?"

The Future: "We used to go shopping in Shchem [Nablus] until the Oslo accords. We'd love to coexist the way we did before."

Jews helping Palestinian farmers: "I think they're nuts because they are helping their enemies to destroy themselves."