Palestinian 'Terrorist' Takes Aim at Sacha Baron Cohen

Man depicted as Lebanese terrorist in Cohen's film Bruno files suit against him for $115 million.

A Palestinian grocer from Bethlehem filed suit against comedian Sacha Baron Cohen on Monday, for the sum total of $115 million in libel damages over his film Bruno, which is equal to half of the movie's gross box office earnings.

According to the London Daily Mail, the Palestinian, Ayman Abu Aita, who is also a peace activist, said that Baron's depiction of him as a Lebanese terrorist in his recently released and controversial movie has ruined his life.

He has also filed suit against NBC, Universal Studios and famed American talk show host David Letterman for being part of the film which tricked him into meeting Cohen under the false pretext that Cohen was a German producing a film about the Palestinian cause, the Daily Mail reported.

Abu Aita also told the Daily Mail that since the film was released to cinemas this summer, he has received several death threats despite the fact that he is a firm opponent of terrorists.

Cohen is famous for his outrageous characters such as Borat, a Kazakh who travels to the United States in order to find Pamela Anderson, and Bruno, a gay Austrian who wants to regain world recognition by trying to solve the Middle East crisis.

During the scene, Abu Aita was depicted as a leader of the Al-Aqsa Brigades, according to the caption which refered to him as 'Terrorist group leader, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.'

The scene itself was actually filmed in a hotel on Israeli teritory near Bethlehem.

In July Letterman set out a goal to discover the identity of the man depicted as the terrorist, and traced Abu Aita down through a CIA contact.