Israel Police Arrest Suspect in Human Organ Trafficking Scam

Jerusalem man suspected of working as an intermediary to buy kidneys from donors abroad and sell them to Israeli transplant patients.

Jerusalem police on Sunday arrested a man suspected of working as part of an international operation to trade human organs.

The 67-year-old man is suspected of working as an intermediary, buying kidneys from donors abroad and selling them to Israeli patients awaiting transplant.

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In one case, the man, whose name has not been released, allegedly defrauded an Israeli patient of tens of thousands of dollars.

After paying the intermediary, the patient was told to board a flight for South America and make contact with a donor at a fixed meeting point. But upon arrival, the patient was told that due to technical problems, the transplant could not take place. It later emerged that no donor existed.

Police are expected to ask a court to extend the remand of the suspect, who has been arrested for similar offenses in the past, pending a decision by state prosecutors on whether to indict him.