Hamas Captives Tell Shin Bet: We Used Gaza Mosques to Hide Arms, for Training

Captives, nabbed by IDF in Gaza, also tell of training in anti-tank missiles and use of smuggling tunnels.

The Shin Bet security service released details Tuesday regarding its interrogation of two Hamas men who were arrested by the Israel Defense Forces during the Gaza military campaign, including the militants' use of mosques for weapon caches and military training.

There are more than 20 terrorists currently being held in Israel from the Gaza operation.

One of those is Ramzi Abed-Rabo, a 30-year-old Hamas member from Jabalya. The Shin Bet indicated he admitted under questioning that he used to watch IDF movements from his house and report about them to Hamas. He also told his interrogators about the location of Hamas weapon storage sites, in tunnels, in the homes of activists, and in citrus groves and mosques.

Another Hamas member, Subahi Atar, 27, from the village of al-Atatra in the northern Gaza Strip, told interrogators that he was a member of a Hamas security cell in the area around his village.

He was recruited by the military wing of Hamas two and a half years ago and underwent training in handling weapons, firing rockets and preparing explosive charges.

Last year, he also learned to use anti-tank missiles. Atar said that his theory instruction took place at a mosque in his village. He reportedly also admitted to helping dig a tunnel under a building which was used by the internal security service of Hamas.

Dozens of other Gazans were released and returned to the Gaza Strip after brief interrogations.