Jewish Hi-Tech Summer Camps - Invest In Your Children

eCamp brings a new and innovative spirit to traditional Jewish Summer-Camps, in U.S. and Israel

eCamp, the successful Israeli Hi-Tech summer program, is opening a new location in the American Hebrew Academy (aka AHA) in Greensboro, NC, this coming summer. eCamp is a great opportunity for Jewish parents who are looking for a new, different and innovative program for their children.

"eCamp is a leading Jewish educational program, nurturing Hi-Tech leaders of the future while reinforcing the bond of participants with their Jewish identity and with Israel" says Dotan Tamir, CEO.

eCamp exposes Jewish youth and teens from around the world to the unique technological capabilities which Israel possesses.

"Our main goal is to educate and demonstrate to the campers that here in Israel they can realize their future and turn their dreams into reality" says Shlomo (Momo) Lifshitz, President of Oranim Educational Initiatives and eCamp, which operates under its umbrella.

Not many people know, but many technological developments we use on an every-day basis were actually developed in Israel, by Israeli companies, or extensions in Israel.

AIM/ICQ, for example, was developed in 1996 by four young Israelis, or M-Systems, an Israeli company, developed the USB-Flash Drives, used for portable digital information storage all over the world. The company was acquired by SanDisk, the world's leader in the flash storage market, established by an Israeli as well. And these are only two examples!

Israel is well known worldwide for its talented hi-tech industry. Many technology giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Intel, HP, Google, Cisco and many more have large R&D centers in Israel, and they continue to hire more and more talented graduates of Israeli universities, such as the Hebrew University and the Technion, which are also known as prestigious academic institutes, worldwide.

eCamp takes advantage of Israeli and Israel-affiliated technology companies and developers who share their knowledge and experiences with campers. The Microsoft Corporation has served to sponsor eCamp together with the Israeli Government's Ministry of Diaspora Affairs. In eCamp campers meet with Jewish international technology leaders, such as Mr Shai Agassi (Founder of 'Project Better Place').

eCamp also provides a hands-on experience by offering a variety of over 20 workshops in subjects ranging from game designing, robotics and digital music to video editing, digital comics and video programming, and even offers a new workshop where campers literally build their own PC and take it home.

eCamp offers computer labs equipped with state-of-the-art technology, a private computer station for each camper, A big screen Console Game room and a warm and personal attitude.

"Our staff is based on carefully-selected college students and graduates, people serving, or who have served in the Israeli Army's Technology Units, and experienced International counselors and supervisors. We keep an average ratio of 6 campers per counselor and all our counselors know how to make sessions informative, practical and - most importantly - enjoyable," says Tamir.

As opposed to other technology camps, eCamp has special programs for all ages, starting from 8 years old up to 18 years old. The older campers, the 'Gigabytes' group, undergo a special program that drives them into developing their leadership abilities and discovering the inner Entrepreneur hidden inside. The focus is on having fun and trying out new experiences and responsibilities as well as 'chilling-out' with new friends from all over the world.

eCamp is also very aware of the environment and the winds of change in the Hi-Tech world:

"eCampers help create a better world! We care about the environment, we insist on equality, encourage 'Green' activities and protecting our planet programs, and we do that by taking the Jewish value of 'Tikun Olam' ("Repairing the World") one step further" says Liraz Sharabani, COO and Director of camps. "In last years' eCamp we devoted a great deal of time on what we call in Israel 'Green-Tech', and managed to pass it on to our campers" she concluded.

Three two-week summer sessions are planned at American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro, NC, and two two-week sessions in Aloney Yitzhak, Israel. The sessions will run June 21st through August 8th.

For more information visit, write us at or call our U.S. Toll Free number at 877-ECAMP-4U (877-322-6748).