Sources: Hamas Fired Anti-aircraft Missiles at IAF Planes

Security sources tell gov't that despite advanced arms, group hasn't managed to down any aircraft.

Hamas militants in Gaza have tried to down Israeli warplanes with various types of anti-aircraft missiles, defense sources have told the government.

The Palestinian Islamist group has not succeeded, however, in downing any Israel Air Force aircraft. This is despite having possession of the sophisticated weaponry, and the many sorties the IAF has flown during Israel's ongoing offensive against Hamas in the coastal territory.

Israel's security forces have noticed a serious effort by Hamas to develop anti-aircraft capabilities. Militants have hid some of the missiles in Gaza mosques, and have also recently attempted to smuggle more into the Strip.

Hamas has persistently tried to down Israeli aircraft. The Israel Defense Forces have observed anti-aircraft machine gun fire against IAF helicopters, although this too has been unsuccessful.