IDF Reserve Troops Receive Fictitious Calls for Duty in Gaza

Yuval Goren
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Yuval Goren

The Israel Defense Forces have launched an investigation into numerous fictitious Tzav Shmone (emergency call for duty) messages recently sent to mobile phones of reserve soldiers, ordering them to join the battles of the ongoing Gaza assault.

The messages instructed the soldiers to arrive at Haifa's enlistment center, where they would receive their stationing in the south.

Boaz, a student in Tel Aviv and a reserve soldier serving in Golani Brigade's elite Egoz anti-guerilla unit describes receiving the message: "A few days ago, while I was in the university, I received a call from an unidentified number. When I answered I heard an automatic voice message very similar to the message we received during the Second Lebanon War, only this time I wasn't requested to verify my ID number."

Boaz left school immediately in order to prepare to leave and notified his employer that he would not be coming to work over the following two weeks. Only when speaking to his commander did he find out he had been tricked.

"When I called my commander he said we had not been recruited, and after an initial inquiry he was told it is possible that someone is trying to pull some sort of stunt," added Boaz, who also reported the incident to police to help avoid additional such cases.

More reserve soldiers have reported receiving similar messages which also turned out to be fictitious.

"I can't understand who would do such a thing," said Boaz. "I've heard of cases of tricking friends, but this seems like something that was planned, and not by anyone I know."

IDF spokesman stated in response that "Tzav Shmone is sent via military authorities. Unauthorized fictitious calls sent by anonymous bodies, especially during these difficult times, are a violation of the law, and the IDF condemns such actions."