GA Special Report / Ex-basketball Star Tal Brody Expected to Run for Likud Knesset List

Brody tells Haaretz he'll join the Likud list if allowed to focus on aliyah, U.S.-Israel relations, programs supporting children.

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Former Macabbi Tel Aviv player Tal Brody is expected to announce his plans to run for Knesset on the Likud list, one year after joining the party, Haaretz learned Sunday.

"Within the next couple of days [Likud Chairman Benjamin] Netanyahu will update me on what's happening. Between us, we'll make the final decision," Brody told Haaretz on the sidelines of the United Jewish Communities General Assembly in Jerusalem.

"I'm not a politician but I've had a year to think about this and how it might fit," Brody added.

The former basketball star said he would join the list as long as he can focus on the areas that are of interest to him, including sports and education, aliyah and the Diaspora, Israel-America relations and programs supporting children at risk.

"Netanyahu says, 'well, in the Knesset they call it politics.' I don't call it politics. I call it good citizenship," Brody said.

New Jersey native Tal Brody, considered one of the Israel's most revered basketball legends, volunteers for many organizations, including the Spirit of Israel, which raises money to help at-risk and underprivileged children. He has spoken around the world for various American Jewish organizations.

Meanwhile, as part of a Likud recruiting spree, Netanyahu is pressing forward with efforts to convince former Israel Defense Forces chief of staff Moshe Ya'alon to join the party.

The last date Knesset hopefuls can submit candidacy for the Likud list is November 25.

Full coverage of the 2008 GA conference