Report: Belgian Far-right Leader Resigns Over Holocaust Song

A tape aired in Belgium shows National Front leader mockingly singing about Dachau, The Telegraph reports.

The leader of Belgium's far-right National Front party, Michel Delacroix, resigned on Thursday a few hours after he was shown on television singing a song making light of the Holocaust, The Telegraph reported Thursday.

According to a report in the London-based newspaper, the Belgian party headed by Delacroix released a statement stating the far-right senator was "perfectly aware of what his actions would mean for him," adding that the act was "inadmissible."

The Telegraph reported that the controversial incident was spurred when a video was aired on Belgian television on Thursday in which Delacroix is seen sitting on a sunny terrace with a few acquaintances and singing a song to the tune of "l'eau vive" by Jewish singer Guy Beart, but with the lyrics changed to tell the story of a Jewish woman sent to the gas chamber in Dachau.

In response to the airing of the video, Delacroix - a blind senator known for his extremist positions - told AFP "I can't remember having sung it, even if I have known the words for years," The Telegraph reported.

"I can immediately see the bad taste in it, but even if there is something real in it, (the performance) was in no way public," he added, suggesting that a former member of the National Front who was recently ejected from the party might have had a role in the surfacing of the tape.