Elections 2009 / Poll Gives Right-wing Bloc 12 Seat Advantage Over Left

Latest Haaretz-Dialog poll puts right-wing parties on 65 seats, center-left parties on 53 seats.

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The latest Haaretz-Dialog poll predicts the right-wing bloc will win 65 seats in the upcoming Knesset elections, a 12-seat advantage over the center-left, which is expected to capture just 53 of the 120 parliamentary places up for grabs.

The right-wing bloc:

Likud (headed by Benjamin Netanyahu): 28 seats

Yisrael Beiteinu ("Israel is our home" - a far-right pro-transfer party headed by Avigdor Lieberman): 15 seats

Shas (Sephardi ultra-Orthodox party headed by Eli Yishai): 10 seats

National Union-Habayit Hayehudi (coalition between two right-wing parties, the long-standing National Union and fledgling Habayit Hayehudi [the Jewish home]): 7 seats

The left-wing bloc:

Kadima (centrist party established by Ariel Sharon and now and headed by Tzipi Livni): 25 seats

Labor (headed by Ehud Barak and formerly Israel's dominant party): 14 seats

New Movemment-Meretz (latest incarnation of the left-wing Meretz): 5 seats

Hadash (Jewish-Arab party formerly known as a communist party): 3 seats

United Arab List-Ta'al (a union of two predominantly Arab parties, the United Arab list and Ahmed Tibi's Ta'al): 4 seats

Balad (predominantly Arab party whose name is a Hebrew acronym for National Democratic Assembly): 2 seats

The Pensioners' party, Gil, is projected to win two seats and has not been factored into either bloc. The poll also found that 22 percent of respondents were undecided.