Victims of South Israel Terror Attacks Laid to Rest

Families mourn victims of Thursday's coordinated terror attack; man killed in Be'er Sheva rocket attack leaves behind two daughters, pregnant wife.

Some of the victims from Fridays coordinated attacks in south Israel that left eight dead were buried on Sunday, as was Yossi Shushan, who was killed in a rocket-attack on Beer Sheva Saturday.

Thousands attended Shushans funeral, who left behind two daughters and a wife in her ninth month of pregnancy. Shushans wife, Lilach, arrived in a stretcher, and asked Culture Minister Limor Livnat who attended the funeral, how could they take Yossi away from me? Who is going to come with me now to give birth to my son?

Lilach Shushan
Ilan Assayig

Livnat said at the funeral that Israel will strike back with all its strength, vowing that Israel would deter those that tried to harm it.

Flora and Moshe Gaz and Shula and Dov Karlinsky who were killed on their way to Eilat Thursday were also laid to rest on Sunday. The two couples were buried at the Pardes Haim cemetery in Kfar Sava, where they used to live.

Yaniv, the Karlinskys son, eulogized his parents, saying dear mother and father, there are no words to describe the hurt and the sorrow. We hope that this nightmare will end, and we will wake up to a good reality.

Vicky Jan, The Gazs daughter, cried at her parents funeral that even death couldnt separate you. Why were you taken from us like this? We didnt even have a chance to say goodbye.