Israel Aerospace Industries Unveils Unmanned Aircraft GHOST

IAI showcases GHOST at Washington exhibition; GHOST is able to provide intelligence imagery to soldiers in real time.

Israel Aerospace Industries unveiled over the weekend its latest development in the field of secret unmanned aerial vehicles - a miniature aircraft weighing four kilograms, known as GHOST to foreign customers.

In a Washington exhibition, the IAI showcased the unmanned aircraft that is able to provide intelligence imagery in real time to soldiers in urban areas, and is also suitable for civilian use. GHOST lands and launches vertically and is able to fly and hover while automatically maintaining its altitude.


GHOST has a low acoustic signature, and can stay airborne for half-an-hour including a payload for both daytime and nighttime observations.

The unmanned aerial vehicle can be used by both the military company as well as fighters in the field. The system can be carried in two backpacks by fighters, and it includes two aircrafts, several batteries and a portable computer that is used to oversee and control the device, including communication.

Yitzhak Nissan, the head of the IAI said that GHOST is at the forefront of technology thanks to years of experience and knowledge acquired in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The IAI also exhibited in Washington several models of the Bat, a hovering platform used to collect intelligence that can provides support in targeted missions as well as another unmanned aerial vehicle known as the Heron that is operational in Afghanistan and used by many Western militaries.