Lebanon Thwarts UN Security Council Statement Denouncing Terror Attack in Southern Israel

Security Council unable to reach unanimous agreement on condemnation of terror attack after Lebanon conditions its support on the inclusion of critique of Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Deviating from normal procedure whereby Israel contends itself with submitting a letter of protest to the UN Secretary-General and the Security Council president following terror attacks, Israeli ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor lead a diplomatic effort to issue a security council presidential statement condemning the terror attack killing 8 Israelis and injuring dozens and its perpetrators.

The Israeli ambassador held round-the-clock consultations Thursday and Friday with the ambassadors of most of the council member nations, leading to the United States, and additional member states expressing their support for the Israeli effort.


On Friday, the council members held an unofficial discussion in which Lebanon, a non-permanent member of the council demanded amendments be made to the presidential statement suggested by the U.S.. Lebanon asked that the statement include criticism of what Lebanon dubbed "the escalation in Israeli bombardment of Gaza."

Israel preferred to give up on the presidential statement altogether rather than adhere to the Lebanese request.

The issuing of a UN Security Council presidential statement requires the unanimous consent of all 15 council members.

"Once again the UN turns blind and mute when it comes to terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians," ambassador Prosor told Haaretz, "It isn't a coincidence that Lebanon, the only Security Council member state to oppose the condemnation, is a country controlled by a terrorist organization."