Pascal Avrahami, 49 Jerusalem / They Called Him 'The Fox'

The police special forces unit loses its most veteran member, a sniper who served through the first and second intifadas, receiving two special commendations.

Chief Warrant Officer Pascal Avrahami had been called "the fox," by his colleagues. The most veteran member of his police special forces unit, he was the subject of a number of stories that circulated in his lifetime about his exploits, some of which will remain confidential even after his death Thursday.

Avrahami, 49, a resident of Jerusalem, was married and the father of three. Despite his relatively advanced age, he insisted on continuing to serve in a combat role and to take part in the most sensitive of operations. In the course of his service he participated in an operation in which a bus was commandeered by terrorists. He entered the bus through the rear window.

As the years began to take their toll, Avrahami was trained as a sniper. He served through the first and second intifadas. He received two special commendations, including one after he killed a senior Hamas figure in Hebron.

David Tzur, who was previously Avrahami's commander, and headed the special forces unit between 1991 and 1995, said of Avrahami: "He was an extraordinary man, who insisted on remaining a combatant even at his relatively advanced age. " Tzur said he participated in highly complex operations "because it was always known that he could be counted on."

"He became a symbol in the unit," Tzur said. "If I would have been asked how he would have chosen to die, I can assume he would have chosen to die in battle, under fire. People have to understand that this is a man who has no equal in this unit."

In addition to his wife and children, he is survived by his parents, two brothers and four sisters.