Number of New Cases of Cancer Drops in Israel

Head of the Health Ministry's cancer registration unit said prostate cancer rates have not dropped.

The number of people diagnosed with cancer in Israel has dropped, according to Dr. Micha Barchana, director of the Israel National Cancer Registry, during a press conference held Wednesday.

"The drop can be attributed specifically to declining numbers of women contracting breast cancer and a reduction in the number of intestinal cancer cases in both sexes as well as a decrease in throat and lung cancer-related deaths," said Barchana, during the conference held to mark the Israel Cancer Association's annual pledge drive.

"There has however been a rise in the number of instances of prostate cancer and in the early identification of breast cancer due to increased public awareness resulting in early diagnosis of the disease," Dr. Barchana added.

Data shows that 3,075 cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in 2006, compared with 3,144 cases in 2005, the majority of cases falling within the Arab sector.

The number of cancer-related deaths has also declined in recent years: 152of 100,000 Israelis died of cancer in 2004, a slightly lower figure to the 160 deaths recorded the previous year.