Two Young Students Suspected of Terrorizing Their School in North

14-year-old, 11-year-old attacked, threatened and threw items at teachers and fellow students.

A campaign of violent behavior by two young students was uncovered recently at school in the Jezreel Valley region.

A 14-year-old was expelled from the school and charges will be brought against him in juvenile court. An 11-year-old, too young to be held criminally responsible, has been placed under the supervision of social welfare officials in the town in which he lives.

A police investigation found that the two suspects attacked, threatened and threw items at teachers and other students in the school. The two acted individually.

In one incident, a chair was thrown at a teacher. The chair struck the teacher in the head and cut her.

In another incident, one of the suspects pulled a knife on another student and said, "You will die today. You spoke to me not nicely."

The two have not expressed remorse for their actions and one said he acted violently in self-defense.

"I pity the teachers that have to cope with this," said one police investigator. "It's so sad."