Fourth Swine Flu Case in Israel; Jerusalem Nursery Closed

Ran Reznick
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Ran Reznick

A 20-year-old Holon woman was diagnosed with swine flu on Sunday, Israel's fourth confirmed case of the illness, as a Jerusalem playgroup was closed over fears a child suspected to have contracted the disease could have infected others.

The Holon resident had been admitted to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv on Saturday after recently returning from Mexico. She was put initially into isolation after suffering from flu-like symptoms and a high fever. She was said to be in good medical condition.

Following the woman's hospitalization on Saturday the Ministry of Health advised all of her fellow travelers on Iberia flight 3752 from Madrid to stay home for as long as a week, as a precautionary measure.

The ministry also instructed passengers to turn to ER's as soon as fever or flu-like symptoms appear.

The Jerusalem playgroup was closed after a 3-year-old girl was also hospitalized after displaying flu-like symptoms upon her return from Mexico, the Health Ministry relayed. Four other children go to the playgroup.

Four Israelis so far have been diagnosed with the disease, and another four are being tested for it.

Another case was that of a 34-year-old man, who was quarantined by doctors at Tel Aviv's Sourasky Medical Center on Saturday after recently having returned from Mexico.

The man's 27-year-old partner, who was with him in Mexico, is also under quarantine but has not yet been positively identified as having the virus.

"The couple came on Wednesday to the emergency room," the head of the hospital's epidemiology unit, Prof. Yehuda Carmeli, said. "They were not diagnosed with the flu so after consultations with the Health Ministry we decided not to hospitalize them. We asked them not to go to public places.

On Friday they returned, presenting with much more pronounced symptoms - the woman had a slight fever and her partner felt ill. They are currently in good condition and one might say they have already recovered."