Israel's Periphery 'Proved It Is Part of the Struggle'

Residents of Haifa, Afula and Be'er Sheva express satisfaction after Saturday social justice protests draw tens of thousands outside of Tel Aviv.

Activists expressed satisfaction Sunday with social protests drew thousands in the cities of Beer Sheva, Haifa, Modi'in and Afula on Saturday night, saying that the turnout proved they were part of the demonstrations over the cost of living in Israel.

According to one protest organizer, the event marked the first time that more than 20,000 people had turned out to demonstrate in Beer Sheva, but also conceded that the organizers expected many more.

A spokesperson for the Ben Gurion University Student Union stated that the protest was a success in that it brought out people, young and old, that are demanding social justice, but that they were disappointed due to the low number of Tel Aviv residents that arrived.

When Tel Aviv had its major protests, we sent a number of buses over there, and hoped that they would act accordingly, said the spokesperson.

Activists in Haifa, a city historically known for its strong workers movement, also expressed great satisfaction after 25,000 demonstrators arrived for a downtown protest.  

Haifa protest August 13, 2011 (Hagai Fried)
Hagai Fried