Kitchen at Tel Aviv Tent Protest Forced to Dismantle

Municipal inspectors isssue eviction notice at Nordau Boulevard protest site, while main 'tent city' on Rothschild Boulevard remains untouched.

Tel Aviv municipal inspectors distributed an eviction notice on Friday to a tent dweller who erected a structure that served as a kitchen and storage room at the Nordau Boulevard tent city in north Tel Aviv.

In response to the eviction notice, one of the tent protest organizers said that the structure has been standing since the "first day of the protest, and there is no reason to remove it".

Tent protests - Nir Kafri - August 2011
Nir Kafri

"The municipality must decide whether it will allow a legitimate and non-violent protest, or whether it is more interested in fighting the protest", said the organizer.

Organizers also stated the protests will continue despite the municipality's recent attempts at dissolving it with a Friday night Shabbat service to be held on Nordau Boulevard.

The last few days have seen municipal inspectors remove several tents, claiming that they were not being used. The inspectors also distributed eviction notices to protesters in Tel Aviv's Kikar Hamedina, towed a caravan and confiscated a guillotine from Rothschild Boulevard.

The municipality has stated that they support the protest and have allowed for it to take place since day one, but are also responsible for maintaining public order.

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel strongly criticized the move, saying the mayors are attempting to "push the police to silence the protest".