Shin Bet: We've Caught Bat Ayin Axe Terrorist

Security service says two weeks ago it apprehended man who killed Israeli boy, 13, at settlement.

The Shin Bet has apprehended a Palestinian who it believes killed a 13-year-old boy with an axe in the West Bank settlement of Bat Ayin at the beginning of April, the security service revealed Sunday.

A 7-year-old boy was also moderately wounded in the attack, which ended when a local man fought the terrorist and managed to pry the axe away from him. The assailant, however, managed to escape the scene.

Moussa Tayet, the suspect, is a 26-year-old resident of a nearby Palestinian village. He was arrested on April 14, according to the Shin Bet.

At the time of the attack, a murky Palestinian group claimed responsibility. But authorities discounted the claim and said Sunday that Tayet had no links to any organized militant groups.

The security service said he has confessed to the attack and that he perpetrated it of his own volition.

Tayet said he was driven by religious motives and wanted to "die as a shaheed" [matyr], according to the Shin Bet.

Tayet told investigators he acquired the axe two weeks before the attack.

The slain boy, Shlomo Nativ, was laid to rest in a funeral procession attended by hundreds. The child who was wounded, Yair Gamliel, is the son of Ofer Gamliel, who is serving a prison sentence for his role in a plot to attack a Palestinian girls' school.