'Knesset May Not Complete Its Tenure Due to Israel's Social Protests'

Reuven Rivlin, the Knesset Speaker, says he believes elections will be moved ahead of the November 2013 date.

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin said Sunday that he believes that the current Knesset may not complete its tenure due to the ongoing social protests in Israel.

Rivlin said that he believes elections will be earlier than the expected date in November of 2013.

Knesset vote - Michal Fattal - July 11, 2011
Michal Fattal

"I do not believe we will reach November 2013," Rivlin said, "since politics can create crises" which lead to expedited elections.

On Saturday evening, some 300,000 demonstrators took to the streets in protest of high cost of living in Israel. The protest organizers - a loosely organized group of young Israelis stunned by the mass response to their complaints - have called for a million-person march in 50 cities across the country on Sept. 3.

Earlier Sunday, Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai said that the housing protest has a limited lifespan and the tent city set up on Rothschild Boulevard is due to scatter eventually.

The protests have a limited lifespan, Huldai said, adding this is not for generations to come – do you know any cities where all its streets are full of tents? This is a protest, and all protests eventually end.

Protest leaders met also on Sunday to discuss its demands of the government, criticizing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his decision to create a ministerial committee to deal with the plethora of social issues that have sparked protests throughout the country.

My optimism from yesterday has been replaced today with pessimism, Pesach Hoffster, the head of the Dror Israel movement said on Sunday, adding this was his meaningful moment that would have allowed him to gain back the publics trust in him and the political system.

Hoffster then said that Netanyahu had squandered an opportunity yet again, claiming that instead of realizing that the government must radically changes its economic policy, Netanyahu created a giant committee, that no one knows when it will start and when it will end. No one knows what the mandate of this committee even is.