Egypt State Daily: Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah Tried to Overthrow Mubarak

Lengthy piece in Al-Ahram accuses the three of cooperating to destabilize the Egyptian regime.

A lengthy piece published on Saturday in Egypt's official daily slams Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah, accusing them of attempting to overthrow the regime of President Hosni Mubarak.

The article, published in Al-Ahram - the official mouthpiece of the Egyptian government - blames Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah, Hamas official Khaled Meshal and leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Mahdi Akef, along with Iran, Syria, and Qatar for their efforts to destabilize Mubarak's government.

Egypt has long been planning the head-on assault published today, and the recent uncovering of a Hezbollah espionage ring in the Sinai provided the perfect timing for its publication.

The article accuses the three countries and three organizations of cooperating to conspire, adding that only through "providence and responsible, aware and capable security officials" were the plots to harm Egypt and its security exposed.

The piece continues by saying the attempt to overthrow Egypt's regime was set into motion by Hamas' violation of its cease-fire with Israel - a violation that was coordinated with all of the organization's allies.

According to the article, every side of the conspiracy had a designated role, aiding Hamas militarily or politically or through the media, while it was the task of Hamas - which the article dubbed "the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood" - to instigate an unwarranted rocket attack on Israel.

Iran's role, according to the article, was to supply Hamas with weapons and ammunition as well as to lead the ensuing media onslaught. The Islamic Republic also allegedly cooperated with Hezbollah and its leader Nasrallah in operating an espionage network in Egypt as far back as 2005 geared at instigating a revolt within the Sinai Bedouin population and initiating attacks within the country.

According to the article, Syria's role was to harbor Hamas chiefs and support of the conspiracy in its official media network. Syria also violated Arab League rules and regulations in order to assist Qatar in organizing an informal Arab summit, meant to legitimize Hamas and Iran.

Qatar is called a "tiny state" in the article and is blamed for having abused the Al-Jazeera news network, owned by the Qatar monarchy, to provide a platform for Meshal, Nasrallah and Akef.

The news channel itself was called the "Qatar channel owned by the state of Al-Jazeera, and was blamed of "relinquishing its impartiality in an aspiration to steer the Egyptian and Arabic public opinion and bluntly hint at Egypt's alleged cooperation with Israel and the United States."

The Muslim Brotherhood acted against Egypt, according to the Al-Ahram piece, under the pretense of aiding the Gaza cause.

The article reserves its most severe criticism for Hamas, which it says acted to afflict one Nakba after the other on the Palestinian people, by dragging Israel into military action that did not differentiate between Hamas operatives and innocent civilians.