End British Obsession With anti-Israel Propaganda

The U.K., with its growing Muslim population is nothing more than an example of European hypocrisy.

Ron Breiman
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In recent years, Britain has taken France's dubious place as the nexus of anti-Israel activity in Europe. Muslim anti-Semites, Christian anti-Semites, Jewish anti-Semites and even Israelis have united in an unholy alliance with the aim of giving the Jewish state a rotten smell in the world. With this in mind, it is appropriate to remind Britain of its not-so-splendid heritage, both past and present.

Only 90 years ago, Britain made a commitment to establish a national home for the Jewish people in the land of Israel - for the Jewish people and not for any other people. This commitment was anchored in the San Remo agreement and the borders of the British Mandate. But, despite this promising start, the eastern part of the land of Israel was torn from the national home and the Hashemite family governed there over "the Jordanian people". If there is a "Palestinian people", Jordan is their land.

Britain even raised and armed in Jordan the Arab Legion, the same army which invaded the young state of Israel and captured Judea and Samaria, which are "the West Bank" only from the Jordanian point of view. Today in the West Bank, United States General Keith Dayton is training and arming the "security forces" of the supposedly demilitarized state of "Palestine".

Now, "friendly" Britain works to give the heart of the land of Israel - which was captured in 1948 by the Arab Legion and in 1993 by Yasser Arafat and the hordes of terrorists who returned under the banner of "peace" during the Oslo peace accords - to "the Palestinian people" who will establish another state, this time in the western part of the land of Israel. Toward this goal, strengthening voices in Britain are calling for an academic boycott on Israel, an economic boycott of Israeli exports to Europe and an end to the Israeli "occupation" of its own land.

One must tell Britain - particularly the English who control Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - that they should truly understand what is before their eyes. Ancient peoples - particularly the Irish - show signs of bitterness against the ongoing British occupation. Also the mediator George Mitchell, a man known well to us, who seemingly ended the war in Northern Ireland, will be exposed in the future as a failure. The Irish people have not truly reconciled themselves to the occupation of the northeastern quarter of their island by the British. Indeed, the Irish also participate in the anti-Israel choir, but their central and ongoing ambition is to end the British occupation of their island. The prevailing calm state of the Irish-British affair is only temporary.

These days, we are also told that the righteous British, the advocates against the Israeli "occupation" in the land of Israel, are attempting to strengthen their hold over the Malvinas Islands (known as the Falklands to the British) and are searching for oil there. These are islands thousands of kilometers from Britain which were captured from the Argentineans in the 19th century and again in1982. Today, all Latin American countries support the Argentine position that the islands belong to Argentina and even U.S. support of the ongoing British occupation has weakened compared to the past.

Britain, with a growing Muslim population that continues to expand, is an example of European hypocrisy. It is not the only one. It is right to expose Britain's shameful actions and to neutralize its threatening anti-Israel propaganda. British and European support for a Palestinian state, as well as Britain's and Europe's hypocritical hesitancy to act against Muslim terrorism, contradict British and European interests. This is the line that needs to be taken by Israeli representatives overseas.

The author is a former chairman of Professors for a Strong Israel