Iranian Groups to Stage Rally in N.Y. Titled 'Ahmadinejad, Why Do You Execute Children?'

Rally organizer: 6 children have been put to death in Iran over last year, 130 children still awaiting execution.

A group of Iranian organizations working in the U.S. is preparing to stage a rally against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ahead of the Iranian President's visit to New York on Monday for the United Nations General Assembly.

The Iranian activists, some of them known as human rights activists, are organizing a mass demonstration on Tuesday, titled "Ahmadinejad, why are you executing children?"

Within the framework of the rally, to be held in the plaza adjacent to the United Nations building in New York, organizers plan to erect a "wall of shame" which will include a series of pictures and documented proof of Iran's abuse of jailed minors.

According to event organizer Nazanin Afshin-Jam, an international human rights activist and former Miss World Canada, six children have been hanged in Iran over the past year, and 130 children are currently jailed on death row and are expected to be put to death soon.

Afshin-Jam is the president of the Stop Child Executions Campaign. She says that the global battle against Iran's perceived nuclear ambitions has diverted attention from the inhuman abuse of children and the human rights violations in Iran.

Ahmadinejad's "wall of shame" will remind the world that Iranian citizens' main concern is the violation of basic human rights in their country, Afshin-Jam added.

Meanwhile, another anti-Iran rally was to be held across from the UN building on Monday, organized by a coalition of Jewish organizations in New York.