Israeli Woman Dies of Allergic Reaction After Eating Nutella at Tel Aviv Restaurant

26-year-old, who was severely allergic to nuts, was promised by the restaurant that the chocolate spread on her Belgian waffle did not contain nuts.

A 26-year-old woman died Thursday morning due to a severe nut allergy prompted by eating chocolate spread at a Tel Aviv restaurant, after the staff promised her the chocolate did not contain nuts.

Hen Efrat, an Eilat resident, was with her friends at a Tel Aviv restaurant last week when they ordered a Belgian waffle with ice cream and chocolate.


According to her friends, she told the waitress that she was allergic to nuts and asked her to make sure the chocolate spread was not Nutella, which contains nuts. Efrat repeatedly asked the waitress to make sure the chocolate was nut-free, and even told her that she could die from it if it did indeed contain nuts.

Once Efrat began eating the dessert she realized the chocolate spread did contain nuts, and was immediately taken to a Tel Aviv hospital after she had a severe allergy attack.

After several hours she suffered from shortness of breath and lost consciousness. Doctors tried to stabilize her condition for several days but her condition worsened and on Thursday she was declared brain dead. Her family agreed to donate her organs.

Efrat's mother said Thursday that her daughter was very aware of her condition and was always extremely careful to check that her food did not contain nuts, and said the restaurant staff lied to her. "They poisoned my daughter." she said.