Avi Issacharoff Biography

Avi Issacharoff has been the Palestinian and Arab Affairs Correspondent for Haaretz since 2005.

A fluent Arabic speaker, Issacharoff, 36, has an insider's knowledge and contact with the inner workings of Palestinian society, and has directed and edited documentary films about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Born in Jerusalem, Issacharoff graduated from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev with a BA cum laude in Middle Eastern Studies and Literature and a MA cum laude from Tel Aviv University. Today, Avi teaches modern Palestinian history at Ben-Gurion.

Prior to working at Haaretz, Issacharoff was Middle Eastern Affairs Correspondent for Israel Radio, where he covered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as conflicts in Iraq and other Arab countries. He was also Palestinian Affairs Correspondent for Israeli Public Radio and Israeli Television.

Along with Amos Harel, Issacharoff co-wrote "The Seventh War: How we won and why we lost the war with the Palestinians", a 2004 book about the second Intifadah. The book - a best-seller in Israel - has been translated into French and Arabic, and won the prestigious Chechic award in 2005, for outstanding security research.

Issacharoff and Harel's second book, "34 Days: Israel, Hezbollah and the War in Lebanon", about the war of 2006 was published in Hebrew in January 2008, and also became a best-seller. It was published in English, by Palgrave-Macmillan Books, in April 2008. "34 Days" also won the Chechic award in 2009.

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