Israel Questions Dozens of pro-Palestinian 'Fly-in' Activists Attempting to Enter Country

55 pro-Palestinian activists have either been questioned or are still undergoing questioning by authorities after arriving on flights at Ben-Gurion Airport.

Security forces have questioned 25 pro-Palestinian activists attempting to enter Israel via Ben-Gurion International Airport on Friday as part of an attempt to stymie an influx of activists into the country.

Another 30 activists are still being questioned.

Moti Milrod

Ten of the activists arrived on an easyJet flight, while another 20 came on an Alitalia flight. The rest arrived on other flights.

Earlier in the day, six Israelis arrived at the airport with signs reading "Free Gaza". Their demonstration was quickly broken up by police.

The flights landed at Ben-Gurion International Airport on Friday afternoon. When it became clear that there were activists on board, the planes were diverted to an area away from the main terminal and the activists were detained by police.

Israel has thus far been successful in preventing the entry of 200 passengers wishing to come to Israel as part of the Welcome to Palestine campaign, which had organized a "fly-in" to the Middle East this weekend for solidarity visits in the Palestinian territories.

The 200 activists were on a list of 342 blacklisted passengers scheduled to arrive in Israel on Thursday and Friday, submitted by the Transportation Ministry to foreign airlines on Thursday.

Earlier Friday, two American citizens planning to take part in the pro-Palestinian "fly-in", were refused entrance to Israel after landing at Ben-Gurion Airport, and were sent on an outbound flight back to Greece.

The women, wearing fly-in T-shirts, flew in from Athens and were stopped by the Israeli police, who decided to decrease security presence at the airport on Thursday evening, saying it no longer expects mass fly-in activists, because most of them had been already stopped abroad.

The women were questioned and after stating the reason for their visit, Israel Police sent them on an outbound flight due to their intention to create provocations and disrupt the peace.