Barak Orders IDF Not to Transfer Bodies of Hamas Terrorists to Palestinian Authority

Defense minister says Israel's transfer of 84 bodies to PA will not include Palestinians who carried out serious suicide bombings against Israelis.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak instructed the Israel Defense Forces on Tuesday to continue talks on the transfer of 84 Palestinian bodies to the Palestinian Authority, but said the transfer would only take place if the bodies of Hamas suicide bombers and terrorists from Gaza would not be included.

Barak listed several names of bodies that cannot be transferred such as the Awadallah brothers, former leaders of the Hamas military wing in the West Bank, who were previously reported to be on the list of the 84 bodies.

Ehud Barak - Defense Ministry - July 5, 2011
Defense Ministry

Other names Barak listed are Fuad and Abdullah Qawasmeh, senior Hamas leaders in Hebron, Ramez Abu Salim who carried out a suicide bombing in Café Hillel in Jerusalem in 2003, and Hanadi Jaradat, who killed 21 people when blowing herself up in Haifa's Maxim restaurant in 2003.

Barak also mentioned the names of Amar Ali Abdullah, who carried out a suicide bombing in the Tel Aviv Carmel market in 2004, and Abdullah Abdullah, who was responsible for the bombing at the Stage nightclub in Tel Aviv in 2005.

Barak's stipulation came after he had ordered a freeze on the transfer on Monday night, after it had come to his attention that several terrorists responsible for serious suicide attacks on Israelis were among those to be transferred.

Moreover, Haaretz reported on Monday that some of the bodies, such as the Awadallah brothers, were slated to be part of a swap deal with Hamas for abducted IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.

Barak explained on Monday that he chose to froze the transfer since it was important to weigh the repercussions of such a move on a future deal on Shalit.

On Tuesday, the defense minister said a transfer of bodies to the Palestinian Authority could go through, but without Palestinians who had carried out serious terrorist attacks or those who resided in Gaza.