Watch: Palestinians Await the Gaza Flotilla

Gaza residents say they hope the current attempt of pro-Palestinian activists to breach the blockade will bring international attention to their situation.

Waiting for the Flotilla in Gaza (English) from Ashley Bates on Vimeo.

A year after the first pro-Palestinian flotilla attempted to breach the blockade on the Gaza Strip, civilians in the coastal territory say that life has improved, but is still far from normal.

A family begins to rebuild its home that was destroyed in the war, after long-awaited UN aid arrives; a fisherman asks for the chance to go out to sea to catch his day's wages; an activist seeks to end child labor in the smuggling tunnels.

Residents of the Gaza Strip say they are trying to live as normally as possible and hope the current convoy of activists will succeed in drawing further international attention to their situation.

Gaza flotilla ship - Ship Gaza Sweden - June 28 2011
Ship to Gaza Sweden