U.S.: Israeli Missile Defense System Can Protect Our Mideast Bases

Head of the Pentagon's missile defense system says Israel's Iron Dome and Arrow systems will be integrated into a regional defense array.

The Israeli missile defense system will be integrated into a regional defense array planned by the U.S., General Patrick O'reilly, head of the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency, said Monday.

In an interview published in the American Defense News journal. According to the interview, the Israeli missile batteries may also protect Arab countries who are allies of the U.S. but with which Israel has no diplomatic ties.


General Patrick said that the multi-layered defense system being developed by Israel – comprised of Iron Dome and Magic Wand systems on the lower levels and Arrow 2 and 3 systems on the atmospheric level and above – will strengthen the ability of the U.S. to protect its forces in the Middle East.

Israel is the only country today employing operational missile systems that are capable of intercepting rockets and missiles of different sizes and ranges. The Arrow and Iron Dome systems were developed with American aid and in cooperation with American security companies. A large part of the systems' trials were conducted in the U.S.

Iron Dome is also the only system in the world that has succeeded in intercepting rockets in a real-time theater, by shooting down eight Grad rockets launched from the Gaza Strip two months ago.

This week, the Israeli Air Force is conducting its largest interception exercise to date, deploying missile batteries on the ground and preparing for rocket launched from Lebanon, Syria, the Gaza Strip and Iran.