Fatal Car Crash in North Israel Kills Four

Car inexplicably veered off Haifa road and collided with technical school wall; car then flipped over and erupted in flames.

A fatal car accident left four dead early Saturday morning when a car crashed into a wall at the Israel Air Force technical school in Haifa.

Four passengers were riding in the car when it inexplicably veered off the north Israel Route 58 road and collided with the technical school's wall. The car then flipped over and erupted in flames.

Hagai Frid

The passengers were not wearing seatbelts.

Three paramedic teams arrived at the scene of the accident and determined the death of all four passengers.

"We arrived at the scene of the accident and the car was on fire, massively erupting in flames," Haifa firefighting Rescue Officer Shaul Shimon told Haaretz.

He continued, saying "we used water to extinguish the flames. There was a fuel leak and we began rescue attempts. What the firefighters saw was chilling; scorched and broken bodies."

The bodies of the passengers have been taken to the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir, where they will be tested for possible alcohol or drug abuse that may have led to the accident.

Several beer bottles were found in the car.

"I saw a car going at immense speed, it almost crashed into my car and then within a second it cut me off, disappearing down the street" an eyewitness said. She continued, saying, "within after driving a few seconds down the road I saw the car go up in flames. I called the police and saw there were four people in the car, but I could not tell if they were moving."

She described the aftermath of the crash, saying "Fire came out of the engine. I am already used to these crazy people, there are some drivers that you need to steer clear of and just give them the road."

Superintendent Haim Halfon, the traffic division officer for Israel's coast said that based on initial findings this was a very serious accident that was in all likelihood the result of "human error".